The Great White is in Danger from Greedy Fishermen

Is the Shark Jumping the Shark ?

I haven’t been watching any of the Shark T.V. this week but I have been saving this Video for Ten Years. Now I am posting it here for the first time. It shows a wild animal, A Great White Shark making it’s own decision to venture straight into a shark cage in what appears to be an attempt to nibble the underwater housing of a diver in the cage next to mine.

Instead of turning and avoiding the cage, which is what they nearly always do, this particular shark decides to go for it.

I don’t have a dramatic explanation, or spooky music overlay to make it more dramatic. Many Networks have tried to use this footage and make news out of it. Why? because it is worth Hundreds of thousands of dollars in Advertising.

I was just in the right place at the right time. I have been back to this dive site 5 times since then and have never seen this type of behavior from any shark since.

I am going back to Guadalupe on August 26th 2015 for another Hollywood Divers Great White shark diving trip. I don’t expect to ever see this happen again. The sharks usually go for the display bait and not the cage. The video I shot here however shows the shark become interested in what the diver was holding, the Underwater Video Camera Housing.

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