Hollywood Divers and the Underwater Camera Rental

The Underwater Camera Housing Rental Area at Hollywood Divers is becoming busier with the advancement of new tech. Rentals of Nauticam, Aquatica, Gates Video and Sea and Sea Waterproof housings for popular camera models such as the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, The Black Magic 4k Cinema Camera and Panasonic GH4 or the Sony A7s with 4k Recorder housing is also a really nice underwater kit. Underwater Lighting with up to 25000 Lumens in a portable / mountable key light are available for rent as well. The setup video for the Nauticam USA Olympus EM-5 has instructions on how to mount the Lens Port onto the Housing Body. Be sure to follow the Instructions when using an underwater housing. Some Models require the small rubber eyepiece to be removed from the camera body. Some Len’s are not compatible with underwater housing systems.
Popular Lens Lengths for underwater are anything from 12 to 35 MM. Some of our rental systems have follow focus options for lens’ such as the Canon 16-35 or the Sony FE 16-35 for Full Frame M 4/3rds Cameras. Enjoy the Video and call us if you need to rent Underwater Film Making gear.

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